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Private Pet Cremation

Precious Memories would like to bring you peace of mind at this important time.

We understand the relationship between pet owners and pet. Our services are designed with the specific needs of each pet. Our private cremation service offers pet owners the opportunity to have a dignified memorial for their pet with the personal touch of a private cremation. Locally owned, Precious Memories offers such services as removal from the place pet's passing whether it be at the owner's home or veterinarian office to a full line of urns and other memorial items for your pet.

Same Day Service  -  Affordable Pricing

Locally Owned and Operated

Over the past 15 years, we’ve been serving North Georgia 24/7 by being present in the hour of need. We’ve been there whenever someone has called upon us to help them bid their beloved pet a warm departure. After all these years, we’ve decided to start taking Sunday’s off for our family needs. 

This doesn’t mean in any way that we’re stepping away from our duty but a decision that we’ve taken after a lot of deliberation.

But, we would still be able to assist you on Sundays if an emergency arises. We hope you understand and want you to be rest assured that we’re committed to making things easier for you.

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Professional Services
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 Affordable Prices
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