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"Dear Rick - My wife and I want to pass along sincerest thanks - and highest compliments - for your compassionate assistance with Gabby's passing. Rarely have we encountered such "personal and personable" professionalism. THANK YOU from the deepest depths of our hearts. We are happy - privileged, in face - to recommend you unconditionally."

-Joe Donohue

"Thank you so much for the love and care you showed to Molly. And as for me during this difficult time, I appreciate your kindness."       


- Tracy Cape

"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the task you have undertaken in caring for our pets. It's nice to know that we as pet owners have a place to take our beloved pets at the end of their life"

- Donna Peck

"Thank you for the care you showed us when we lost our dear Hoover. He was a special friend to us for many years and we just have to thank you for your compassion and care"

- Kevin Webb

"Patty had been with us for 10 years when she became sick. We did not know what we would do when she passed. We are so satisfied with the compassion you showed to us, and the respect you showed to Patty; we know she was in good hands"

- Philip Walker

"Thank you seems inadequate for the care you showed our pet. It is definitely comforting to know our Lad was taken with care"

- Linda Riley

If you have a testimonial of our services please email to us here.

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